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Saison Winery is an affiliate of the world famous Saison SF which is highly rated fine dining restaurant in San Francisco, California. Inspired by cycles of seasonal-transformation, Saison Winery carried the spirit of Saison and cultivates, harvests, crafts, ages with deliberation Santa Cruz Mountain-vineyard's truest expressions. We hail from the Santa Cruz Mountain with over a century of vine cultivation, this rugged mountain region has once again come of the attention of many winemakers and wine connoisseurs alike. Lead by our winemaker/co-founder Mark Bright, our small team is dedicated to a world-class hospitality, reflective of our founding restaurant, Saison SF. Our Saison family is composed of Saison Winery, Saison Cellar, Saison Restaurant SF, Angler Restaurants SF & LA, and Saison Smokehouse.

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Virtual Tastings

Turn your living room into a tasting room with our Virtual Tasting Experience! Relax and taste some great wines while our Wine Expert Mark Bright guides you through fun interactive tasting. $99 per person, 8 person minimum, plus shipping. The Saison team will take care of everything from shipping the wine to setting up the Zoom. Included is a 1-hour guided tasting with Mark Bright, Founder and Wine Director of Saison Winery and Saison Cellar. He will walk you through the three wines you are tasting and give you comprehensive information about the Vineyards and the Wine making process for each wine. Two full-size bottles of your choice (750 ml), 1 Rosé (375 ml), and two individual 4 oz tasting bottles matched to your full bottles. Mark Bright’s wine journey began at the age of 15 when he visited Burgundy, which became his expertise and influence on his winemaking style. He has brought his extensive knowledge of old-world wines to one of the most suitable wine-growing regions of the new world - The Santa Cruz Mountains. Where the grapes come from is most of the battle. We aren't grape growers, but we're as close as you can get just from the sheer attention to detail and care that we put into not only finding the absolute best vineyard sites, but also in how meticulous we are in having the best fruit from the vineyard and creating the best representation with our wines. If interested please contact Yolanda at: Thanks for enjoying our wines and I can't wait to continue sharing our story and passion with you. Cheers!

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Located in
Santa Cruz Mountains, San Mateo, California

Owned by:
Mark Bright
Winemaking by:
Mark Bright
Case produced per year:

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